Napping in the garden section of Home Depot
UV prints on die cut coroplast (scored and folded), dying plants sources around the studio, UV print on laser cut acrylic, custom jacquard weave.
Variable dimensions.

My ongoing research and interest in large format signage technology as a mode of printmaking has helped me build a greater sensibility to the ecological and sustainable questions related to art making and production in the 21st century. My materials when using print shop technology are either waste or damaged products that are repurposed for my practice. Plants that are dying in the print shop speak to the toxicity of printmaking practice. UV prints of the garden section of Home Depot act as a doppelgänger for the experience of visiting a nursery. These elements smashed together create a world where dying plants are replaced by artificial ones and is a nod to the shared experience of walking through nurseries with my partner and dog.